The strength of Monique’s work

Monique is  a green heritage researcher and a garden landscape architect. The combination of researching the past and advising about the future makes her work unique. She chose this profession to be able to give historic gardens and landscapes a future and to create places which people would enjoy. The Spirit of the Place is the core of all her work. Monique shares and conveys her knowledge by means of research reports, designs, publications, articles and lectures. Her work field stretches from estates, gardens and landscapes to villages, towns, cities and public spaces.

Monique works in England for the National Trust at Sissinghurst Castle and in the Netherlands from her studio on the Duno estate.

News selection

Lecture for Men Garden Society

A garden club of only men, calling themselves The Garden Men, has asked Monique to give a lecture about the influence of her work on Sissinghurst. It was a very animated evening for a totally enthusiastic and interested public of men and their wives.

First article Tuinseizoen

Monique’s first article ‘Working at Sissinghurst’ for the garden magazine TUINSeizoen is recently published.

Christmas blog for Dutch NGS

Every month Monique writes a blog about Sissinghurst on the website of the Dutch NGS, the ‘Nederlandse Tuinenstichting’. Her Christmas blog is about the White Owl of Sissinghurst.

Read the blog
Previous episodes are to be found here

New Sissinghurst map

The graphic artist Neil Gower has  been asked to design a new map of the Sissinghurst Garden and Monique works with him to get it up to date.


Autumn Blog Dutch NGS

Every month Monique writes a blog about Sissinghurst which is published on the website of the Dutch NGS: the ‘Nederlandse Tuinenstichting’. This month’s subject is autumn at Sissinghurst.

View this blog here


Hyde Hall

Recently Monique paid a visit to Hyde Hall in Essex to look at their dry garden which was made on top of a hill on clay soil. This to inspire our own plans of making Sissinghurst’s Delos into a rock garden again with a Mediterranean touch.


work in progress

Lion Pond

The only pond in Harold and Vita’s garden was made into a sunken garden and will be reinstated. To do this properly, a historic research is required and currently underway.

Little North Garden

Now the structure of the garden is realised and the paths are finished, we have started with the plant scheme.



A design is currently being made for the space between the Little North Garden and the Orchard to create a flowing route for visitors and to make this little backspace into a worthy part of the Sissinghurst garden.

Redesigning Miserden Nursery

The new owners of Miserden Nursery in a beautiful spot of the Cotswolds, asked Monique to improve the nursery design- and function-wise. 


Sissinghurst’s Delos

Delos is the only garden room that has been changed substantially in 1969 by the National Trust. Since then all the head gardeners struggle to make this part into a good garden. We have the ambition to give Delos its identity back.


finished projects